About Feras Raslan&Co.(AFCO):

AFCO was founded in 1995 as a Partnership to offer Mechanical Engineering services in Syria and the neighbouring region. More recently AFCO established a Trading Division to supply leading Mechanical Engineering products related to its area of expertise.

The Founder:

Engineer Feras Raslan, born in 1967, graduated from the University of Damascus in 1989 (Mechanical Engineering Branch, General Mechanics Department). He started his career as an Engineer in the Ministry of Tourism in 1989. In 1993 he moved to the National Company for Air-conditioning and Industrial Refrigeration/NARCO to become head of the Commercial Department. He then established an office offering Mechanical Engineering services, AFCO, in 1995 and has been managing it ever since.

Contact Us

Syria, Damascus, Bab Musalla
T: +963 11 881 67 88
Email: info@afco-sy.com
Call Us: +963 11 881 67 88 - Mail: info@afco-sy.com

Mechanical Contracting

AFCO executes Mechanical Engineering contracts for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company’s scope of services and product specifications supplied are set on a project-by-project basis. AFCO also offers its consultancy services for free and develops studies and related drawings, when needed, at no additional cost.

Contract Mechanism:

The contract is executed in several phases:
Preliminary Study: AFCO studies, checks and prices the projects. It also undertakes project evaluation and develops preliminary designs.

Making Plans:

AFCO’s specialized team of engineers produce shop drawings in coordination with other departments (construction, architecture….etc.) and secures approval from the consultant.

Submittal of Materials:

AFCO submit the list of materials required to execute the project and secures approval of the Consultant.

Execution of Project:

AFCO sends project engineers along with qualified technicians to execute the Mechanical Engineering works.

Testing and Preliminary Delivery:

AFCO performs a preliminary testing to the work completed in the project.

Commissioning and Preliminary Test:

AFCO cleans the networks to undertake another test to the equipment installed before architectural works are finalized.


AFCO hands over the Mechanical project that match the preset specifications to the Consultant and owner representative.

As Build Drawings:

AFCO sends a copy of the final as build drawings and survey books to the consultant.


All Mechanical Works executed by AFCO are guaranteed during the warranty period.